Marasmus Diseases Because of Carbohydrate

Disorders due to lack of carbohydrate-containing food intake can lead to disease among which is a disease that often affects children under five (under five years) is also called marasmus disease.

Characteristics of Marasmus Disease:
· Always feel hungry
· Children often cry
· The body becomes very thin, usually in children affected by malnutrition
· The skin becomes wrinkled

Respiratory disturbed due to blood pressure and unstable heartbeat
· Marasmus disease is very dangerous and can cause death if not treated seriously
· Marasmus disease will lead to growth and development of children become obstructed, the development of intelligence to be slow, and not close the

Possibility will have an impact on psychological development
Marasmus disease is very dangerous and can cause death if not treated seriously. Marasmus carbohydrate deficiency diseases will result in child growth and development become obstructed, the development of intelligence to be slow, and did not close the possibility will have an impact on psychological development.

Malnutrition cases that have emerged in West Nusa Tenggara province known as rice granaries indicate that regional food security does not guarantee household food security. In West Nusa Tenggara, children under five suffer from malnutrition or even malnutrition reach 10 percent of total children under five, or about 49,000 children under five.

Secar national, cases of malnutrition that strikes children under the age of five reaches 8 percent. In accordance with the projection of Indonesian population compiled by BPS, in 2005 the number of children aged 0-4 know in Indonesia reached 20.87 million. That means there are currently about 1.67 million children under five who suffer from hungry busung.
22. Lack of Calories and Protein (KKP)

Disease of calorie and protein deficiency in its base occurs due to energy king4d deficiency and protein deficiency, accompanied by an unbalanced array of dishes. KKP disease primarily affects growing children, and can also attack adults, who are usually eating disorders thoroughly.

Raw food staples in Indonesia contribute 70-80% of the total daily caloric needs. Carbohydrate deficiency (lack of consumption) per &&) increases protein demand, resulting in a lack of calories as well as protein deficiency.

KKP’s disease attacks children who are growing rapidly (toddlers), especially aged 2-4 years. Some symptoms of energy definiensi, children look skinny as if only totojitu a bone-bandage skin. Face wrinkled like an old man, skin near the butt Also looks many folds, tense skin that is too wide for the child’s body. The child lies passively, apathetically, with no response to the circumstances, and when it is held there is no subcutaneous fatty tissue between the skin folds.

In children who lack protein (kwashiskor) encountered symptoms, among others, aptis child, smooth and rare head hair, reddish-colored hair, dull not glossy black like in healthy children, this hair aering easily revoked without pain by ponderita. Sometimes there is gray-hairs that make diagnoses, kwashiorkor.

If the CTF attacks an adult the symptoms of udema may appear, karona udema appears prominently in the Uonar section of the patient.


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